• Do You Know What the Idle Air Valve Does?

    Do you know what the idle air valve does? Although the idling motors of some cars are different, their functions are all used to stabilize the idling speed of the car. When the engine is cold started, the temperature is low, the friction resistance is large, and the warm-up time…
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    How to improve the performance of car headlights? A typical automotive electric lamp is composed of a tightly coiled fine tungsten wire packed in a bulb filled with an inert gas. When the current passes through the tungsten wire, it burns and emits white hot light at a very high…
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  • How Often Does The Spark Plug Change?

    The role of the spark plug is the important original to support the operation of the gasoline engine (the diesel engine is compression-burning work, no spark plug), is to introduce high-voltage electricity into the cylinder and then generate spark to ignite the fuel, the most popular is equivalent to the…
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  • Fuel Injector Introduction

    Overview ● The injector injects the pressurized fuel in the fuel rail into the engine combustion chamber with optimal injection timing, injection quantity, injection rate and injection method according to the signal from the ECU. ● Use a two-way valve (TWV) and a measuring orifice to control the injection. The…
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  • 6 Hidden Features Of The Car Key

    1. Close the window after the flameout After the parking was turned off, it was found that the window was forgotten. Many drivers only knew to re-ignite and close the window. But in fact, long press the door closing button on the remote control key to close the window. 2,
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  • Auto Parts Selection Guide

    As a car owner, I think the most troublesome time is when the car has a problem, and then need to buy accessories, because the accessories we generally do not know very well, is it genuine? Durable? Is it expensive? These are all problems that bother us. As a key…
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