Do You Know What the Idle Air Valve Does?

Do you know what the idle air valve does?

Although the idling motors of some cars are different, their functions are all used to stabilize the idling speed of the car.

When the engine is cold started, the temperature is low, the friction resistance is large, and the warm-up time is long. The role of the idle air valve is to provide additional air to the engine through the air valve when the engine is started at a low temperature (this part of the air is also measured by the air flow meter), to keep the engine running at idle speed, and to warm the car quickly after the engine is started, thereby reducing Car time.

As soon as the idle air valve is opened, the amount of air drawn by the engine can be measured by the air flow meter, and the signal is transmitted to the ECU, so that the amount of fuel injected by the injector is also increased, and the engine can be started smoothly at low temperatures. After the engine is warmed up, the air flowing through the air valve is cut off. The air taken in by the engine is supplied by the bypass passage of the throttle body, so that the engine can run stably under normal idling conditions. The idle air valve follows its structure and action. The method can be divided into two types: one is the bimetallic adjustment type that uses the displacement principle caused by the heating coil to make the valve work; the other is the paraffin expansion and contraction principle that uses the heat of the engine cooling water to make the valve work type.

Post time: 2020-01-31
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