04152-31090 Oil Filter For Toyota Avalon Camry RAV4
04152-31090 Oil Filter For Toyota Avalon Camry RAV4
04152-31090 Oil Filter For Toyota Avalon Camry RAV4
04152-31090 Oil Filter For Toyota Avalon Camry RAV4
04152-31090 Oil Filter For Toyota Avalon Camry RAV4

04152-31090 Oil Filter For Toyota Avalon Camry RAV4

Oil filter, also known as oil grid. It is used to remove impurities such as dust, metal particles, carbon deposits and soot particles in the oil to protect the engine.

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04152-31090 Oil Filter For Toyota Avalon Camry RAV4


Oil filters are available in full flow and split flow. The full-flow filter is connected in series between the oil pump and the main oil passage, so that all the oil entering the main oil passage can be filtered. The split type cleaner is connected in parallel with the main oil passage to filter only part of the lubricating oil sent by the oil pump.


Product Details:

high quality auto engine oil filter OEM:04152-YZZA1 04152-31090
OEM Number 04152-YZZA1 04152-31090
Lahí Standard Size
Materials Germany/Janpanese/Thailand/Chinese filter paper
Lanu Yellow/Brown/Customized
Tohi Fakamoʻoni Ako ISO/TS16949
Feituʻu ʻo e tupuʻanga China Mainland
Ngāue Tokoní Ofetuku&ODM
Technology/Craftwork Ultrasonic welding/ Heat welding
Filtration rating > 30 um
MOQ 200-500pcs
Supply Ability 100,000pcs/Month
FOR Port Guangzhou
Payment Term TT,Westen Union,Moneygram
Delivery Time 10-25 Days After Order Is Confirmed



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  3. Te mau tali atu hoʻo fehuʻi ʻi he 24 houa.
  4. Hili hono ʻave, te mau muimuiʻi e koloa maʻau tuʻo taha ʻi he ʻaho ʻe ua kotoa pe, kae ʻoua kuo ke maʻu ʻa e koloa. ʻI hoʻo maʻu e koloa, siviʻi kinautolu, pea ʻomi ha fakamatala kiate au. Kapau ʻoku ʻi ai haʻo fehuʻi fekauʻaki mo e palopalema, fetuʻutaki mo kimautolu, te mau ʻoatu e founga ke fakaleleiʻi ʻaki koe.


Paasi ʻa e ISO9001:2008 hono fakapapauʻi mo fakapapauʻi e founga lelei ʻo e ROHS.



1,Quick and accurate quotation

2,Quality assurance and excellent after-sales service

3,Flexible payment terms

4,No minimum quantity requirementFakamatalaʻi ʻo e koloa

5,One -stop purchasing and clear customs service


Q: What's the MOQ?

1.Oil filter with metal: MOQ=1000pcs

2.Oil filter without metal: MOQ=200pcs

3.Air filter: MOQ=100pcs

4.Cabin filter: MOQ=200pcs

5.Fuel filter/diesel filter: MOQ: 100pcs


Q: How about the quality of our products?

1.With the advanced machines, technology and material sources, our filters are quite excellent in performance and craftsmanship.

2.Customized material and standard are acceptable. We can offer different standards according your market and favor.


Q: Could we supply samples?

ʻIo, we offer free samples, but shipping charges will be paid by buyer.

1.What's the delivery time?

2.Angamaheni, goods will be sent around 15-30days.

3.Stock goods will be sent within 7 days once we receive payment.


Q:What’s our loading port?

Guangzhou,Shenzhen and Ningbo port.


Q:What’s our shipping ways?

1.By sea, air, land.

2.If you always import goods from different city in China, we suggest you to cooperate with a shipping agency to collect goods for you from different location. If it's necessary, we can recommend someone for you.



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