2019 New Head-up Display Universal HUD Vehicle Projector Display M8
2019 New Head-up Display Universal HUD Vehicle Projector Display M8
2019 New Head-up Display Universal HUD Vehicle Projector Display M8
2019 New Head-up Display Universal HUD Vehicle Projector Display M8
2019 New Head-up Display Universal HUD Vehicle Projector Display M8

2019 新的平视显示器通用汽车HUD投影仪显示M8

A car head-up display or a car head-up display (also known as an auto HUD) is any transparent display that presents data in a car without requiring the user to deviate from their usual point of view.



2019 新的平视显示器通用汽车HUD投影仪显示M8


HUD short for Head Up Display.It displays driving datas on the front windshield such as speed,RPM,water temperature,voltage single mileage etc on the car front window glass;avoiding drivers unsafety because of watching the instrument while driving.Drivers can read the driving information instantly , and can always keep the best state on the way with HUD.

Product Description:

Product function

1.Ambientdecorative lighting

2.Engine RPM

3.Fault code alarm

4.Fatigue driving alarm

5.Alarm icon

6.Light sensor:HUD can automatically adjust the brightness according to the environment

7.Speed unit: KM/H , MPH

8.Multi-function zone: speed,water temperature,battery voltage,driving distance

9.Water temperature icon

10.Battery voltage icon

When the wave button is in the front:

1.Short push left: after entering into the setting menu, to add the default value

2.Short push right: to switch the display mode (normal model/high speed mode/simple mode)

3.Short press in:

(1) switch the multi functions: voltage/water temperature/Speed

(2) after entering into the setting menu, to add the menu

4.Long push left: turn off/on the buzzer

5.Long push right: all lights will be on, to eliminate the fault code, do it again to save and exit

6.Long press in:

(1) to enter into the setting menu

(2) when finish the adjustment, long press in the button to save and exit

Factory reset

When the HUD turns off, long press-in the wave button and at the same time turn on the HUD, all the lights will be on, and then release the button, the reset finished.

Clear the fault code

When HUD is power on, long pull right the button for 5 seconds, then all the lights will be on, it means finished, do it again to save and exit

Turn off/on the buzzer

Long push left the setting button for 5 seconds to turn off the buzzer,do it again to turn on the buzzer

HUD setting

Long press in the wave button for 5s to enter the menu setting, short press in to increase the menu option, push left or right the wave button to increase or decrease the parameter value. After adjustment, long press in 5 seconds to save and exit.


If donnot use HUD for a long time, please pull out the cable.



1.The screen without any display, and no power

Start the car engine; check if the OBD cable line is tight; please pull out the OBD cable more times to ensure; check if HUD power switch turns on. If still no display, please change another car to test, analyze whether the car OBD diagnostic interface is good, if it is not good, please repair it and try again.

2.When HUD power on, HUD only shows the car voltage and be automatic power off after a few seconds driving.

OBD mode only available for cars with OBD2 and EU-OBD agreement(European region: after 2003 years, Other region: after 2007 years)

HUD Products don’t support JOBD and OBDI protocol.

3.The machine is stuck or stuck during driving

Check the OBD interface if connected with other OBD device,please remove other OBD devices and do the factory reset (find menu 14).

4.Inaccurate Speed

(1)First check the speed unit is correct or not, the speed unit including KM/H and MPH

(2) When HUD is power on, vertical press the setting button for 5 seconds to enter into the menu 1 and the parameter shows 107,push left or right the setting button to increase or decrease the value according to the difference until it shows correct one. After adjustment, vertical press in 5 seconds to save it.(Example:If the dashboard shows 100,and HUD shows 103,then change the HUD default value from 107 到 104)

5.Stop-star cars

Vertical press in 5 seconds to enter into menu setting, short press 13 times to menu 13, the default parameter is 20, push left or right to change to 180, then power off time will be 3 minutes,then vertical press in 5 seconds to save and exit,HUD will power off in 3 mins.

6.HUD can not auto power off(RPM or Speed not at O)

When HUD is power on,long press in the button for 5 seconds to enter into menu,set to menu 12. Change the voltage from 0 to 13.2V or 13.5V. Once the adjustment finished,long press in the setting button for 5 seconds to save and exit.

7.When HUD turn off, but restart

Find menu 12, adjust the default to 13.6-13.8 V


Technical Parameters

1.Environment temperature: - 40 °C— +120 °C

Barometric press: 86-106KPa

Relative humidity:10%-95%

Environment voice:<=60dB

2.Work voltage:11V~18Vdc(12Vdc/200mA)

3.Sleep current:<=30mA

4.Display way:Virtual image reflection

5.Display channel :LED Display

6.Reflector transmittance: 98%



Packing including:

1pc x OBD2 HUD unit

1pc x OBD USB Cable

1pc x Non-slip Map

1pc x Reflective film

1pc x user manual

1pc x Box package



1.Best quality
2. On time delivery
3. Reasonable prices
4. We are see seeking for long term cooperation,not one time business.


Passed the ISO9001:2008 quality system authentication and ROHS authentication.



1.Plug and Play connectivity with cars with EUOBD or OBDII interface;

2.Screen 3.5 inch HD display

3.With glare shield. when driving, driver with not see the LED light of the unit, more safer for driving

4.Auto power on/off

5.Automatic and manual brightness adjustment modes

6.Display information:vehicle speed,engine RPM,water temperature, battery voltage, when car flame out the speed place display single driving distance, Speed alarm, low voltage alarm, water temperaturer alarm, high RPM alarm.


Q1. 什么是你的包装方面?
一种: 一般来说, we pack our goods in individual neutral boxes and brown outer cartons. 如果您拥有合法注册的专利,

Q2. 您的付款条件是什么?
一种: 电汇 30% 作为存款, 和 70% 交货之前. 我们将向您展示产品和包装的照片

Q3. 你的交货条件是什么?
一种: EXW, 离岸价, CFR, CIF or other ways.

Q4. 交货时间怎么样?
一种: 一般来说, 这将需要 30 到 45 收到预付款后的几天. 具体交货时间取决于

Q5. Can you produce according to the samples?
一种: Yes, we can produce by your samples or technical drawings. We can build the molds and fixtures.

Q6. 你是什​​么样的政策?
一种: 我们可以提供样品,如果我们有库存零件准备, but the customers have to pay the sample cost and
the courier cost.

Q7. Do you test all your goods before delivery?
一种: Yes, we have professional group of independent Technology Deveopment department 11-20 staff and Quality Contral department 11-20 staff, each procedure got its special detection, we promise 100% test before delivery.